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Remote Thing

Remote desktop control.

Remote thing is a remote control solution. It allows you to remote connect to your desktop.

  • Connect from anywhere on the world.
  • Multiple advanced user settings
  • Powerful yet easy
  • No monthly fee
  • Much more
Current Version:1.1
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Net Sqlite

Embedded database solution.

Net Sqlite is an embedded database solution. Itís based on the popular lightweight sqlite3 database.

  • Powerful SQL client/server platform
  • Advaced database user permissions
  • One file per database
  • lightweight
  • Free
  • More
Current Version:1.0
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Advaced wallpaper manager

Wallzilla is a wallpaper manager. It allows you to create lists of your favorite wallpapers to use as your pc background.

  • Multi user support
  • Unlimited lists
  • Smart wallpaper display
  • Free
  • More
Current Version:1.1
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We provide customized web and software solutions tailored to your individual business needs. That means complete web and software solutions from designing, implementing, deploying, maintaining to hosting.

There are two broad categories we work with. The first category is for web-sphere solutions and services such as websites, online stores and online business presences. The second category is everything that is not included into the web-sphere solutions such as desktop software, cgi components, communication components, etc.

Www Services

Care free online deployment.

We offer care free online deployment. That means we help you start your online business without worries. We provide complete online business startup solutions, which includes domain name registration, hosting, design/re-design, analysis, specialized back management futures, search engine submission, maintenance and more. Or if you already have a website and wish to modify your existing site, we can help there too.

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Software services

Software to your specifications.

Everyone knows that specially designed software for a specific purpose will improve productivity, use fewer resources, simplifies the task at hand and completes work faster. We specialize in building software for your needs. If you are not finding the software that you are looking for, then maybe it is time to build your own software, to your specification. read more