Adding Users


Process of adding a User:
To add a user click the "Add New User" menu item located under the Admin->Users menu. After selecting the menu item you will be presented with a wizard which will guide you step by step though the process.



The server can have an unlimited number of users the only limit is the hardware and speed limit. If your are using Remote Thing for the internet please make sure your passwords are complex enough not to be guessed by others. Even though the server lets you create unprotected accounts meaning none passworded and none usernamed you should not do that unless you know what your doing. The setup of unprotected accounts was meant for internal networks, very limited accounts such as read only accounts no modification allowed etc.


Step by step Process
To add Users click the Admin -> User(s) -> Add New User menu item:

Admin->User(s)->Add New User

After selecting "Add New User" you will be presented with the add wizard.

Add User Wizard Introduction Page


Page 2 presents you with the User Information page. This is where you choose the username and password for the user please keep in mind that the password is CaSE SenSItiVe meaning 'a' and capital 'A' are treated as 2 different letters. You can leave the account without any password and/or username although it is not recommended, different situations require different settings.

Add User Wizard User Inforamtion page


Page 3 lets you set this users access rights. if you want to restrict any action this user can execute remove the check mark from the desired option. This step lets you also set the account state Enable/Disable.

User Access Rights



The next page is also the final page by clicking finish on this page you finalize the process and add the user. The created account if the server is started and account is set to active is immediately available.

Finial Wizard Page