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Remote thing is a remote control solution. Remote Thing enables you to control a pc through network or internet. It has futures for file management, screen view, registry control, and process control. It is incredibly robust and secure, yet it is lightweight and uses only what is has to.

What makes Remote Thing powerful and distinguished are its build-in futures. Build-in futures work faster and are more efficient then working on a remote computer only by screen-view and mouse. Build-in futures work faster because they interact with the operating system directly and execute much faster than if youíre waiting for screen-shot refreshes miles away.

Download Remote Thing feel its power and see what all the excitement is about.

Price: 34.99

Price & Trial

Remote Thing has a 14 days trial period. During this time Remote Thing is fully functional. After the trial period has expired you need a license which will be granted by us. The price for a license is $34.99.

For site licenses and volume discount, please contact us with the specifics here.

System Requierment
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows Vista

Desktop View:
Connect remotely and work on the remote pc as if you were in front of it with screen, mouse and keyboard. Further Remote Thing is capable of zooming on a specific region or application without disturbing the rest of the screen.
Files & Folder View:
Directly work on the remote computers file system without disturbing the user in from of it. Download, upload, execute, rename, move, print, advanced command, attribute change and more.
Process View:
Controlling the running application on the remote desktop is important and thatís exactly what remote thing enables you to do.
Registry View:
Remotely control, access and modify all the values of windows registry with the build-in registry explorer. This future is a true rarity amongst remote control software.
Remote thing server supports multiple users. You can create an unlimited number of users which will have access to the server.
Advanced user access rights:
Each user has its own access rights to specific remote thing functions. Functions wich will enable or disable a user from deleting, renaming, creating, uploading, downloading, registry functions, screen view functions or any other function of remote thing.



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